Jess and Brian

Jess and Brian are my kind of couple.  You know you have a special relationship when two people can communicate so much without ever speaking a word.  That's Jess and Brian.  With just a simple glance, they could make each other burst out laughing.  That pretty much encapsulates my time capturing their big day.  It was so full of joy, and laughter.  

Doesn't that cake make you want to frame it and devour it all at the same time!?

Now you could say that rings true for just about every wedding but with Jess and Brian, there was this overwhelming feeling of "genuine-ness" with every aspect of their wedding.  From the bride and groom themselves, down to the guests and family members that may have even been meeting for the first time.  Everyone GENUINELY enjoyed each other's company and everyone just relished in the fact that they got to be their with Jess and Brian on the start of this new chapter together.  And I'm happy to lump myself in with that group; I couldn't have been more excited to share this with them and capture some moments as the celebrated day 1 as husband and wife.  

Jess is mere minutes from marrying Brian and I think she's kind of excited...

People generally expect weddings to be stressful; but nobody bothered to tell Brian and Jess that.  They were just so excited at the thought of getting married that it seemed like literally everything else took a back seat.  But if you ask me, that's how it SHOULD be!  If I could give one piece of advice to all other bride and grooms, it would be to remember Jess and Brian.  They're here to get married and nothing else.  Kudos to the happy and stress-free couple on that one! 


Can we just take a moment to note how ridiculously good-looking these two are...?

As a photographer, regardless of what's in front of my lens, my goal is to capture the feeling and emotion of a particular moment.  When it comes down to it, Jess and Brian's wedding made my job incredibly easy.