Tiffany and Chris

Engagement sessions might be my favorite part of shooting weddings. We get all of the fun, passion, and laughter of a wedding but we don’t really have any other care other than having a good time. In other words, no hungry guests waiting for us to finish…haha!

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For Tiffany and Chris, they wanted to shoot in the beautiful ocean-side city of Carpinteria, California. This city holds a special place in their hearts and in their story so I knew we were in for a day of wonderful moments to capture.

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I had never been to Carpinteria let alone shot there so I was also very eager to dive into the town and explore. The picturesque location and the pure joy Tiffany and Chris had for each other was the perfect combination for a great day of shooting. It seemed like there wasn’t a single location that didn’t work or a single shot that wasn’t a keeper.

They had no problem being themselves; and it made for all the laughter!

They had no problem being themselves; and it made for all the laughter!

They even brought their adorable kids and the family dog to take part in the day and it just added that little extra something to the shoot.

I mean c’mon…how adorable are they!?

I mean c’mon…how adorable are they!?

Their wedding day is fast approaching and I know that’s going to be a night to remember because I couldn’t help but smile right along with Tiffany and Chris the entire day of shooting. I can’t wait!

Randy's Headshots

I had such a fun time shooting with Randy! He was definitely somebody who came in with a specific goal with what he wanted out of his headshot session. Because of his laser beam focus, we were able to do 12 different looks in his session! He also came in rocking some facial hair, then shaved halfway through the shoot which is always fun and also eye-opening to how much something like facial hair can change the energy an actor gives off.


I usually don’t get someone who can play they innocent boy next door AND the leading man or villain coming into my studio but Randy was able to pull off both looks exceedingly well.

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I’ve said it time and time again that the more prepared you can be coming into your headshot session, the more relaxed you’ll be. The more relaxed you can be, the more you can get out of your own way and let your creative energy as an actor take over and really take to heart the direction I’m giving. Randy nailed everything from micro-expressions to subtext cues. Oddly enough, the more you’re prepared, the less you have to do, really!

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