Wait, there's a blog too?

YES!  There's a blog too! 

I'm going to use this to showcase images that aren't necessarily going to make it into one of my main galleries.  Although that's sad for those pictures, their consolation prize is that I'm going to tell the story behind them via this fancy-shmancy blog!  Sometimes, I'll spend a day cruising around Los Angeles taking pictures of things that I think are interesting.  On those days, I'll post my favorite pictures and tell you a little bit about what inspired those particular shots!  I don't know if it's going to be interesting but it sounds cool as I sit here typing it all out so we'll give it a go!

I'm also going to use this blog to detail particularly fun shoots that very well make into the main galleries, but the shooting of them was just so incredibly fun, or interesting, or unique that I'll just HAVE to share their backstory!  

So, will this blog be contradictory in its purpose?  Yes.  Will it showcase pictures that will and will not make it into galleries?  Apparently, yes.  Is it apparent that there are no rules here and I'm just gonna use it as I see fit?  Very much so.  Will it be fun along the way?  Absolutely.  

Stay tuned...