Austin's Headshots

Austin is a student that came my way looking to get some quality, affordable headshots before graduating and heading out into the trenches of the Los Angeles acting scene.


I love working with students pursuing their acting or theater arts degree because I too got my degree in acting. I remember how hard it can be to find affordable headshot photographers in Los Angeles when you’re just starting out in your career. Or the nervousness that washes over you when one of your professors says, “Ok, you all need to go out and get some acting headshots.” Your first professional headshot session (with a professional Los Angeles headshot photographer no less) can be pretty intimidating. But I’ve been there, and I know what helped me crank out the keepers during my headshot session.


We’re a special breed of people, us theatre students. We have our own jargon and lingo and slang, we can compare teachers and find common traits between them regardless of where we went to school, and we share a passion that can only be described by those who don’t have it as “insanity.” We crave attention yet often times will not seek it. We need to entertain but will more often than not, have to be convinced to do so. We are so free-spirited on stage and are willing to do anything up there, but are very reserved when not in the spotlight. I think Billy Crystal said it best by calling himself a “site-specific extrovert.” I think you can lump a good sum of theatre students into that category; myself included. I love working with clients that sometimes just need a scene partner before they’ll open up and start cranking out the keepers during their headshot session. I love being that scene partner.