Johnny's Headshots

Headshots are my bread and butter in my photography business.  As a working actor myself, I pride myself in talking to and directing actors in a way that they are both used to, and can relate to.  I also have a unique insight as to what casting directors and agents are looking for in a headshot.  I've been shooting headshots for almost 10 years and its great fun to see how the industry changes with respect to headshots.

A session with me is very noisy.  In the sense that I usually don't shut up.  I'm constantly trying different approaches and different techniques to get the best out of my clients.  A good headshot requires great skill from the actor in front of the lens.  A GREAT headshot is only possible when both the actor and the photographer are in it together.  A great headshot photographer must be able to pull the emotions and subtleties out of their clients.  It's an awkward thing, being in front of the camera.  Even (maybe even ESPECIALLY) for actors.  My job is to get the best out of my clients and then be able to capture that.

I'm big on micro adjustments.  The slightest change in a few key areas of the face can DRASTICALLY change the entire mood of the shot.  I want to give my clients a variety of moods and looks.  You will have a shot you can submit to Disney shows, shots you can submit to crime dramas, and everything in between!  Below is an example of 3 images from Johnny's shoot in a composite.  They convey 3 completely different feelings and the only thing that has really changed, is his expression.  Johnny is the ideal actor you want as a headshot photographer.  He was willing to try things.  Willing to look silly.  Willing be vulnerable in front of the camera.  He took direction extremely well and together, we were able to inspire each other to try different looks and new motivations neither one of us had thought about yet.  I can't wait to see all the successes that lie ahead for Johnny.  Any directors or CD's out there reading this; look no further for your next leading man.  He's right here!   

Johnny goes from dangerous and confident to boy next door charm!