Wedding Photography

I don’t have varying packages with different add-ons and separate pricing for them all. I don’t want my clients worrying about adjusting their timeline to make sure the minute amount of time they’ve hired the photographer for is sufficient to capture enough. When you hire Joe Hubbard Photography to photograph your wedding, you get me for your wedding day. You get my all and you get to be my only client for an entire day. That’s it. Every wedding I shoot, I give my clients the exact same amount of time and charge them 1 price to reflect that. Easy-peezy.

What you Get

10 hours of shooting on the day of your wedding.

400+ photos delivered. (With versions optimized for printing and for web sharing…your insta is gonna be lit)

A built-in dance floor-opener should you guests need some encouragement. (Seriously…I love to dance)

The price and the Fine PRint

$2,500. That’s what every wedding starts at. It only varies if you want to throw in an engagement session. If you do, then you get me for 2-4 hours for an engagement shoot for $250. Oh and if your wedding is far away from my city of Los Angeles, I’ll totally come to you, but I’ll have to charge plane ticket fares or milage for the driving…whichever was necessary to make it to your par-tay.