Hey! That's me!


Hey guys!  My name is Joe and I’d like to tell you a little bit about my work. I am a headshot and wedding photographer in Los Angeles, California. I moved out here after graduating with a BFA in Acting from the University of Arizona in. I’m here pursuing my acting career and am thrilled to say my photography affords me the ability to help other actors achieve success. I’ve been helping actors get great headshots for almost 12 years. As an actor, I know the importance of a great headshot. I also know how hard it can be to find a great headshot photographer at a reasonable price. I’m not trying to break the bank of my fellow actors; I promise quality, audition-landing headshots at a rate that an actor at the onset of their career can both afford and be proud to submit. I come recommended by managers and agents alike and hope to get the chance to provide you (yes, you) with a headshot that will get you in the room.

During the week, you’ll find me working with actors getting them to give me their absolute best during their headshot session. But on the weekends, you’ll find me photographing weddings here in Los Angeles. As a wedding photographer, I absolutely relish in being part of my clients’ big day. I’m there to capture every detail of your wedding and deliver photographs that you can look back on and remember the belly laughs and every joyful tear for years to come. My approach to wedding photography is photo-journalistic. That is to say, when I shoot a wedding, I like to document the day as opposed to pose the day. I let moments happen and then freeze them in their organic, natural state. As a wedding photographer, I get to witness people’s happiest moments and share in their celebrating during those moments; it really is the best job.

I hope I get to meet you real soon,

Joe Hubbard